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Notification Center. In this materialistic age everyone has the most need of wealth. Probably the same reason lottery yoga combination of Venus and Moon and. Each person wants to be rich anyhow. Probably the same reason lottery yoga combination of Venus and Moon and Gaj-Keshari yoha combination of Jupiter and Moon has most importance. Read Post a comment. The love guru creates the yoga by suggesting some of the pooja and remedies. Many people are living with their loved one because of him. Whenever any of the people feels like their love life is getting disturbed.

They must have to take the help of love guru in Jalandhar without wasting time. He gives them the right directions to follow. Some vashikaran remedies which make their love life smooth and free from hurdles.

Guru Chandal yog in vedic astrology/Guru Rahu yuti in hindi/Astrologer Rajeev

He also brings the love and charm back into the boring married life. Thus the guidance of love guru bringing the two loving individuals towards themselves. Problems in love marriage or arranged marriage, problems before marriage or after marriage all can be remove easily. You can know what the future of your marriage is Even if you like someone, better to go with remedies for your married life.

Love Guru in Jalandhar. Chak Chela. Guru Amar dass nagar. Kukar Pind.

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Sadar Bazar jalandhar cantt. What our Clients say About Pandit ji. Now I am married to my boyfriend. Thankssss Pandit ji.


Financial services providing sectors Good Morning - thanks for allowing me to witness excellent discussion. Will it be only when Saturn is retro and applying or always? Good morning. In nadi astrology the roles of saturn and rahu are different. Saturn is a karmic planet and in nadi it is also considered as the native for both male and female, like Guru and Venus. Rahu is a destroyer of animate things and multiplier of inanimate things. The difference between two planets is obvious in nadi astrology.

Raam Sir, What Rank do he hold and which division he is works for please share. Thanks Sir.

Horoscope of Baba Siri Chand, Son of Guru Nanak Dev - Sat Siri Khalsa

One more question. I know one case of child born on solar eclipse had an effect on his father who becomes ill suddenly with acute head ache. Jan 8, Time 2: 0 Time Zone Ketu in the chart indicates the past and all that has been achieved and rahu the future or the areas that should be focused on. Sir please tell me are they in conjunction Rahu has moved away from moon, moon is also moving away.

Hence there will not be much problem. There msy be problem to the mother at the time of child birth and initial years only When the child grows less and less problem If we see the degrees of all cusps then then we can see in cusp kundli they are together in fourth cusp Thank you so much sir Ketu should placed either in 8 the from lagna or 12 the pisces someway connected to Jupiter and Saturn too.

Getting self Realization is Bliss in these Janma.

Also they are moving away from each other. So, there is not much negative influence, though mother might faced some issues. For Native's own health condition, whole chart need consideration. Ok Sir This details I do not have. However he is proficient in computer application of all nature and depth knowledge of astronomy. But not of higher rank like air comedor etc. Please confirm. Let us discuss step by step and the agenda will be set by Jeetuji. A little help is required It will be very much helpful Simply just uninstall whatsapp Only works when back up taken by whatsapp everyday How 'bout the other messages?

If backuped everyday then retaine Gandhi has the combo in cancer where moon is strong, Manson's in Capricorn, the enemy's camp. Manson's moon passes thru the mouth into the hands of her enemy, strong in his house. Saturn touches mars next. His Ketu in cancer inhibits Manson's mind. Saturn here is affected by tenant Ketu, spiritualizing, fasting; Saturn touches Ketu next. Just a thought very informative In this case if Moon is strong above applies to moon realted things Karatatvas.

Amitaji was your mom very possessive and over protective about you? Is headline and life line attached for good over an inch on your palm? There is a sense of "vision" and seeing beyond what others see, I think, if the combo is well supported. This is an unsubstantiated feeling I got when reviewing my moon-rahu charts [Yes : At present Rahu mahadasha These kind of chart no acceptable please use standard software's to generate Charts Kindly make others to be comfortable to read charts Use these kind of softwares But Sir your Jupiter and Sun making good combo At present you have Rahu transition over Jupitor.

It must be difficult time for you. In my view prayer to Lord Shiva will help you Yes,financial crisis Good that you have financial crises.

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Else there will be health issues. In nadi we donot give importance to kendra. We always consider trikona : It may. But I am yoga teacher so I am healthy [: I try to cure any health issue with the help of ayurved mostly Blessed one Sir, there are so many complaints about this software, rest depends on your full guidance.

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Use JHora Amita patel ji Rahu is transiting in Cancer where Jupiter placed in birth and Mars come in Capricorn during starting of May. Becareful up to Deepwali Blood pressure or Heart related Job change okm m Ok but rahu over natal Saturn could mean job change, but if Saturn over natal rahu also means the same?

Then rounds of Jupiter. AS I want to understand from Nadi point, does it reflect the same. You are in astrology becuase of mercury By gods grace no health issues so far, except little healthy You are kind of group leader aswell 0 : Venus : Do you have throat issues? Saturn over rahu or rahu over Saturn not necessarily will give job change. What other conditions simultaneously should apply for a change?

Well i think only Mr Subramanian can can give concert ans on this i found his understanding was great I think simultaneously jeeva karka also should get connected with RK axis to drive a change?. Let's hear from the scholars Sun, U mean sun under RK axis? Sat is karma and connection with ketu in transit either may change or cause loss of job. This should only can when promised in birth chart No. Can't be. Sir I had 3 losses in job, but none happened when either ketu was over natal Saturn or Saturn over natal ketu. You may put birth details.

I am not proficient in nadi so far. I am interested in Nadi rules for job change or loss? Every second person is seen trying to turn the discussion in his favor. Please upload in group with title of Group: So, that we can start with next topic.